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The Wyatt’s family is another power stable in the WWE world rooster and this team members have gained lots of achievements which has set them on high in the company and thus making them well known and making fans to really love them as so many would want to pay just to see them wrestle.

Recently, Bray Wyatt, who is famously called The Eater of Worlds showed up on the ESPN SportsCenter and he was interviewed; one of the questions he was asked was to reveal who his dream opponent is, that is the wrestler he will wants to wrestle with at the WWE WrestleMania event. He didn’t wasted much time in contemplating, he just opened up saying:

“The Rock is the biggest star in the world period. It was a moment for me as well, especially because I was walking out and seeing 100,000 fireflies, and that was something of beauty.
“Being out there with The Rock… It was cool, I guess I would say, but I would also have to admit that we have unfinished business, and if he’s listening or watching, Rock, I would love to finish it at WrestleMania 33.”

The Rock last appearance was at the WrestleMania 32 event in April, though he was not scheduled to fight because of his upcoming movie project. During the event, the Wyatt’ family confronted him and it resulted to a six seconds fight against The Rock and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt’s Family.

The Rock’s return has not been pointed out anyway because of his upcoming movie project. His producer has told him that he won’t be wrestling for the now because if he does, it will affect the movie production and his character on stage. But it is strongly believed that The Rock will make his return to the WrestleMania 33 of which if it happens, Bray Wyatt will face him.