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According to, John Cena’s work at the WWE has been a part time chore and again, his WWE live event appearance has been reduced. What does this mean; is it that John Cena is fed up with the WWE Company? Well, we can’t say yes because he is still the poster boy of the company as he always called. As the case may be, the retire date of the 15 time champion is still very far and we hope to be seeing him most times in the WWE.

His disappearance has really given his fans broken hearts because they wants to be seeing him often and always as their main WWE man and as the peoples champion. It is revealed that the reason why he has not been seen this often is because he is handling a lot of project of late which has made it so hard for him to appear as before in the WWE. Cena is a hustler, he never wants to depend on a particular source for his income, he just want to expand his world.

More so, John Cena is indeed a champion and a very prominent superstar. He joined the company since over ten years now and has recorded lots of awards and has participated in so much title reigns even though he is not depending on his WWE career to make a living. The 39-year-old has lots of activities which fetch him money apart from his wrestling career.

Furthermore, John Cena is a talented rapper and apart from this, he is also involved in so many charitable activities which has set him tall in life as a human. John Cena is well known for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is a star and the face of the WWE Company. It seems like he is taking to The Rock whose WWE appearance has become scanty due to his many engagements most especially his upcoming movie project