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Bret Hart and Stone Cold

As we all know, Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably the biggest star the wrestling business has ever seen. At the height of his fame, he was a box office attraction that the business had never seen before and hasn’t seen since.


However, without Bret Hart, there’s no telling if he would have reached the insane heights he did.

Back in 1996, the two began working together for the first time in earnest and they had chemistry right away.

Bret Hart and Stone Cold smile

What most fans remember of Hart and Austin is their iconic submission match from WrestleMania 13.

The image of Austin’s forehead bleeding as he passes out in the Sharpshooter is one of the most famous images in wrestling history.

That was also the night they did the double turn with Bret turning heel and Austin turning babyface. From there, the Texas Rattlesnake would sky rocket and he became one of the most popular babyfaces ever.

Bret Hart and Stone Cold look

Appearing on WWE Backstage this week, The Hitman revealed Austin would get a little nervous before they locked up back in the day.

“I had wrestled Steve a few times before, but not in any big matches,” Hart began. “I actually was really looking forward to working with Steve.

Bret Hart WWE HOFer

“I would say back in those days that [1996 Survivor Series match] was the first real consequential match that we ever had. I would think that in all fairness to Steve, he would get a little nervous. He was pretty intense. Anxious – I think – about working with me.

“It showed when I worked with him that he was going to come at me with everything he had, at the same time I could tell that he was nervous, if that is the right way to put it.

Bret Hart WWE Hall of Famer

“There was a little bit of nerves there that I sensed – later on when I worked with him that he didn’t have. He was still maybe finding himself a little bit. It was one of my favourite matches that I had with Steve; it was very close, or on par, with the match we had at WrestleMania 13.”

Stone Cold tweet

Austin clearly saw Hart’s comments and while he paid him the respect he is due, he had to correct him a little bit too.

“No, not nervous,” Austin wrote. “Just running on the edge of a razor blade. Confidence was sky high. Intensity was on point. Great time working with the best there is, was, and ever will be.”