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The Beast, Brock Lesnar versus The Viper Randy Orton has been the most announced and talked about match among the WWE Universe which is set to take place at the WWE Summerslam event. Brock Lesnar recently had a victorious fight against Mark Hunt in the UFC 200 and it has been planned for him to return to return to the WWE to face Randy Orton in a match at the WWE Summerslam event which is one of the biggest event of the year.

Report states that Brock Lesnar was tested positive to drug which would have cause him a penalty in the Company but he was exempted from been penalized due to the fact that Vince McMahon stated that the wellness policy is only for Full time wrestlers alone and that part time wrestlers are not under the law of the company’s wellness policy. Because of this, lots of superstars turns out to be very unpleased with Brock lesnar and even his UFC opponent called him a cheat for fighting him on drugs.

Not quite long, The Viper, Randy Orton was interviewed and he talked about his match against Brock Lesnar which he sounded as though he was afraid but later said it openly that he was not afraid of Brock lesnar knowing full well that he has more in-ring experience than Lesnar, he further added that it takes only one RKO to get to viper’sville. Last episode of the WWE RAW show, Orton attacked Lesnar and leaving him with a RKO from nowhere.

Now, WWE is reporting that Brock Lesnar invaded SmackDown Live to unleash payback at Randy Orton. This is really a preamble of what is set to happen at the WWE SummerSlam event. It is revealed that this duo has ones engaged in a combat like this before. We’d thought that Orton will be scared by the news of Lesnar’s failed drug test but he wasn’t; may be because he has previously been victimized by such. This is really going to be a silly but an interesting match. Watch Out!