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Cesaro made his WWE return after the WrestleMania 32 and since then, he has been a tough guy for business competing with new and vibrant styles, his whole story changed after the WWE brand split.

After the WWE brand extension, things changed and he is been heated. The superstar was drafted to RAW which he said that he would have preferred to be in SmackDown Live and reports state that he is being punished for that with his recent feud with Sheamus.

Cesaro is really having some bad and tough time in the WWE and it is revealed that two things are strongly involved for this which are: One the one hand, it may be safe to assume that WWE are backing Cesaro to shine in a babyface come-from-behind win scenario or they are just having Sheamus win the series.

The two reasons are likely dissimilar, the first reason may be considered because it seems that Cesaro has won the heart of the crowd in the WWE Universe and thus enveloping Sheamus with the smoke of unpredictability among the crowd. The second reason seems damn and dull.

It is reported that Cesaro is nearing the end of his WWE contract and has only a few days to go before his contract expires. The WWE rumors are that Cesaro has not signed a new deal and may not continue to do business with the company given his recent dissatisfaction with his role. What then shall we say? Is this a goodbye from Cesaro? Well, this all is because Cesaro is not pleased with his bookings.

So, with the recent happenings, we can infer that Cesaro may just be biding goodbye to WWE after his feud with Sheamus or may not complete it. Anyways, we wish him the best of luck in his career.