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The former WWE champion Cody Runnels well known as Cody Rhodes left the WWE some time ago due to fact he felt that he was not being booked as supposed.

Is revealed that Cody spoke to the WWE creative team to see what they can do for him in his bookings but the creative team paid him deafness. So, the superstar had to request to be released by the company because he felt frustrated in WWE. After his release, it was announced that his wife has followed suit with him.

The name Cody Rhodes was actually an idea by the WWE which was to carry on with the legacy of his father Dusty Rhodes and now it seems that WWE will not allow him take the name to wrestling in another wrestling promotion. Cody will be wrestling for both Ring Of Honor and TNA, and that too without a contract. This is almost a first in wrestling.

However, due to the fact that TNA and ROH are both nationally broadcasted shows, it is highly unlikely that WWE will let him capitalize and use the name they own. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave his take on this:

“To me it’s like, they may have the legal right. But it feels so unfair to me that he’s not going to be able to use the name Cody Rhodes on television because they own the name. And I just feel like, they did not create Dusty Rhodes.

“[Cody Rhodes] never worked for anyone but WWE. So he had no prior usage. But it’s like, the frickin’ Rhodes name goes back 50 years in this business. And he’s a member of that family. And WWE did not create Dusty Rhodes. They did not come up with the name Dusty Rhodes. By the time he got there, Dusty Rhodes was one of the three biggest attractions in the country, before he got there in the first place.”