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With the ongoing in the WWE, several superstars from both RAW and SmackDown Live will be leaving WWE for an extended period of time or even forever.

It is revealed that Chris Jericho is among the large list as well. Jericho, who has recently teamed up with WWE Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, has been on the road with the WWE for much of the past year and while it is sad to see,him possibly leave for good it does make sense that Jericho’s run can’t last forever. Unfortunately for WWE Universe, it now isn’t even expected to last past the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay per view.

Worthy to note, WWE Hell in a Cell is likely to be the last stop on the 2016 WWE tour for Chris Jericho. After the PPV, Y2J will either disappear into thin air, or he’ll be written off WWE programming shortly after the event because the time has come for him to return to Fozzy.

More so, the band is recording another album, which will lead to another tour soon afterward.” Again, this is just a rumor at this time, but it does make sense when you consider how long Jericho has been on the road this year.

Fans also need to take into consideration the fact that Jericho does have outside ventures to attend to and may even need some time to rest and recuperate after his latest run with the company.

Furthermore, With all these being said, it may not be goodbye forever, but for right now, Hell In a Cell may possibly be his last show off to fans.