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The match between The Club against The New Day at the recent episode of Monday night RAW saw very terrible but interesting dealings.

The Club which is made up of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson teamed with Dana Brooke to go against Big E and Kofi teaming up with Barley. It was a very hard and funny match because it created fun and tough thoughts in the minds of fans and even critics.

After the match, it was revealed that Luke Gallows wife Amber was not happy with the fact that Dana Brooke had to team up with the club to go against The New Day. Her anger was actually revealed when a fan asked her how she feels watching her husband and a Diva doing a match. She had to reply with series of tweets expressing her feelings and thoughts for Dana Brooke.

More so, the fans asked her if she had problem with Dana Brooke mingling with the club and this was one of her reply on twitter: “ Actually let me rephrase that…. I would kill a b—h if I cared enough to do it but in this case…..I’ll just let them have her.. #trash”. We did not embed the whole tweets because it has been deleted by Amber.

Furthermore, some other fans are giving their point of view that they did not see anything wrong with Dana Brooke teaming up with The Club. What do you think, is there anything wrong with that?