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It is revealed that SaSha Banks was injured in her recent match against charlotte where she lost the WWE Women’s title to Charlotte as well.

After the match, we heard that the former Women’s champion has been suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy and for that she will be out of the company for 30days which happens to be the penalty for the first violation of the policy.

Well, just recent on the Monday night RAW, the former WWE NXT Diva Barley was debuted into the company’s main rooster and it is said that her debut has been the most heavily anticipated one, second only to Finn Balor. She debuted in NXT in 2012, coming fresh off a run in the independent scene.

Over 3 years, her character developed into the lovable babyface underdog, who the NXT Universe found easy to get behind. She had her crowning moment at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn last year when she defeated Sasha Banks to become the NXT Women’s Champion, a title which she held onto for 7 full months before dropping it to Asuka.

Now, there is the rumor that Barley will be replacing the suspended SaSha Banks pending till she returns to the company. Bayley made an appearance at Battleground, teaming up with Sasha Banks to defeat Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Sasha Banks lost the WWE Women’s Championship at Summerslam, which was said to be due to nagging injuries, and WWE instantly took Sasha Banks off any appearances for 33 days.

This set up the perfect time for Bayley to debut on the main roster, and when she finally did, she got the reaction of the night. Even at Battleground she got one of the loudest pops of the night. Anyway, Barley has successfully gotten over the main rooster and a Diva but still needs some improvement in her career.