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The brother of the well known wrestler Dolph Ziggler Donald Nemeth has been declared wanted due to fact that he commited murder. He was charged with the offence after the dead body of Donald Mascol was found in a hotel room.

The dead body was discovered in the seventh floor hallway of the University Hotel and Suites in Cleveland, Ohio. What happened was that Nemeth tried to rob Mascol which then resulted to him shooting Mascol to death. What a cruel act indeed!

According to, police have gathered from sureveillance photos that there is a second man connected to the shooting and are trying to establish the identity of the other suspect. It was revealed the act was carried out since January but the police detected the photos in February. Nameth has been declared wanted even though he can not be traced as of now.

Worthy to note is the fact that Nameth was also a wrestler and the younger brother to Dolph Ziggler. In the 2011 to 2013 WWE’s developmental wings Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT, Nameth preformed. Report says that after his contract has expired, he returned to Indy Circuit. This is a spoil and a form of disrepute to Dolph Ziggler.