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The WWE Legend Booker T, whose real name is Booker T. Huffman, retired from the ring earlier this year. He has served as an announcer and analyst for the company, most recently as part of the pre-show for pay-per-view events. Trained by Ivan Putski, he made his debut in the ring in 1989 and was active over four decades. He has been a champion is several occasions.

Just recently, we got a report stating that The legend has given up on his famous move called “Spinarooni”. The report stated that Booker T made it an official notice to the public the last weekend when he when took to his twitter account and posted it saying it officially that his famous move “Spinarooni” is no more in action as of now.

More so, the reported that the very first Spinarooni dates back to early 1992, in a tag team match for the short-lived, Dallas-based Global Wrestling Federation that ran on ESPN. It is revealed that Booker T is best known for his time in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), holding 35 championships between his stints at the three organizations. He is a six-time world champion – five in WCW and once in the WWF and he carried the WCW World Title when the company was absorbed by the WWE.

Furthermore, before now, Booker T was a singles star and was a popular tag team champion (at times with his brother, Stevie Ray), winning championships on 15 occasions. It is recorded that Booker T has a very pleasant title reign in the WWE Company and as a champion, he has been on top of his game. Report states that Booker T joined the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6, 2013. And has been a active member ever since his induction.