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As the general manager for SmackDown Live, we had thought that Daniel Bryan would last for ever in the WWE.

Recently, Daniel Bryan spoke to the Sam Roberts podcast and when asked about the birth of his first child, couldn’t really give a straight answer as to whether he will stick with The WWE long after that.
In fact, the former WWE Champion and recent retired superstar stated that it would be tough to ,” leave a baby at home while he was on the road touring with The WWE. Of course that’s not a definite answer as to whether Bryan will be sticking around for much longer, but the words in his interview were quite telling on the matter.

“Once we have the baby that is the tough part. It’s like, man, do I really want to leave the baby,” Daniel Bryan admitted during the interview,” like; there are times on Smackdown that I don’t even want to be on it.

I only want to be on it when it’s absolutely necessary for me as the GM for me to be out there.” That part of the interview is also very telling, as it seems to show that Daniel Bryan isn’t very involved in his new job as GM and really has no interest in being there at all. With that being said, it looks to be very obvious what Bryan’s answer will be when the time comes.