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Having huge and ebullient women in the RAW brand, the WWE Company is as good as moving forward, embarking on a forward movement only.

Many a times, the women has proven to be very sound and prepared any thing the WWE might just come up with. With what happened in the WWE Hell in a cell some weeks ago, we can just conclude because it has never happened in this fashion before where women are made to main event.

It is obvious that Sasha Banks and Charlotte are really moving forward. Indeed, they are deserving candidates but the question is, but where will they go from here?

They already teared the house down during their multiple encounters throughout the year and one has to wonder what could possibly show up the one that Charlotte and Sasha Banks put on Monday night on Raw. It had everything a fans could enjoy! A good storyline, fast paced action that made it stand out from any other match of the night, and above all, a passing of the torch moment between Sasha Banks and Ric Flair.

With that being said and Roadblock Over the limit only about a month way, it makes sense for WWE to do a last woman standing match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte at the pay per view. Not only would it be a great way to continue the saga between these two fierce competitors, it also would be a blockbuster match and would probably attract a lot of attend attention to the pay per view.

While decide between any number of matches including a street fight, a cage match, and even a the first ever woman’s ambulance match, a last woman standing match would be the perfect way to test both competitors limits and further the narrative of The Woman’s revolution.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to tell us what was your favorite moment of the match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks on Raw this week.