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WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler has lost to The Miz a few times now when the two fought for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

While he lost due to outside help from Maryse, who even used her hairspray at one point, Ziggler is still on the books as the loser in those matches as Miz said some time ago after Dolph Ziggler. This is indeed painful.

Dolph Ziggler decided that enough was enough when Miz started to celebrate as if he was a legendary figure such as Muhammad Ali returning home on WWE SmackDown Live. Clearly, Cleveland, Ohio, started to welcome their guy home until he started to talk negatively about them. Ziggler came out and went after Miz once the IC Champion started talking about Dolph’s parents, who were in the front row last night.

Ziggler verbally attacked Miz briefly before he completely destroyed Ziggler in his own verbal counter. He talked about Dolph’s career and basically claimed it as meaningless when it could have been something good like his career. Obviously, a good heel tactic, but it got to Dolph. So much so, he did the only thing he could do to get one more match with Miz for the WWE IC Title. He put his career on the line.

Miz agreed, saying that this wasn’t just Dolph departing SmackDown Live, where he could go to WWE RAW or WWE NXT, it was a complete shut-down, and he would be gone from the WWE. Dolph Ziggler agreed to the terms. If he wins, he gets the IC Title, and if Miz wins, he ends the career of Dolph Ziggler. That said, it seems pretty obvious that Ziggler isn’t retiring and will win at WWE No Mercy, right? Actually, no. According to Ringside News, Dolph Ziggler’s WWE contract expires next month.