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It happened that the 15 time World heavyweight champion John Cena was not present at the recent Backlash event being the first SmackDown Live PPV.

Backlash saw Dean Ambrose defending his title against AJ Styles and walking home without the belt which crowned AJ Styles the new WWE World heavyweight champion. The title may not last with AJ Styles either as the WWE are looking forward to make John Cena a 16 time world champion of the company.

John Cena returned at SmackDown to promote his world heavyweight championship match against AJ Styles. John Cena is highly respected by the WWE Universe and his fans are just too much which made him one of the longest faces of the company. There are things which many expected at Backlash that they didn’t see and most likely they may have the chance to see them at No Mercy or thereabout.

It is revealed that WWE is wanting to make John Cena the champion after AJ Styles and this seems to be a very brilliant idea because not only would putting The WWE title on John Cena at No Mercy be a great way for the company to drum up publicity during his hiatus to film American Grit on Fox, it would also leave fans in anxious waiting to see when John Cena will finally return to defend his title.

More so, if these plans eventually come to reality, it means that the SmackDown rating will definitely increase and lots more are also bound to happen as John Cena will be leaving the company after winning the title and will be seen from time to time when he comes to defend his title. Well, give or take; the WWE plans for the former champion is quite excellent and highly accepted by all in the Universe. The WWE never imagines vain things when it comes to business. What do you think?