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The newly crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by an international media, TalkSport in the UK. And in the interview, Becky Lynch talked several things which include the following.

Becky was asked to state the wrestlers who inspired her to take up a career in wrestling at the early age of 15 and she said:

“There were different stages of idols for me. Originally it was Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man when I was a kid. Then when I got into wrestling again during the attitude era, the reason I started watching again was Mick Foley. I just loved him, every time he cut a promo I felt so sorry for him, so I always wanted him to win and rooted for him. He was the hook that got me, then I saw Lita and I thought she was the coolest thing in the world.
Then when I got older even though he wasn’t in the WWE, AJ Styles was someone I loved watching. Others too like Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kid and Shawn Michaels too.”

More so, the brand extension of the WWE happens to be a dream comes true for Becky who said that she not been comfortable all her life in WWE seeing that there was only one women’s championship title. She said:

“I’ve always asked; why should there only be one women’s storyline? There’s always more than one for the guys, why not for the girls? Why is there only one women’s match on a pay-per-view? There are a lot of girls who’ve got issues with each other and we’re all fighting for something. I think it’s great, the brand extension has been great for that and it brings out that competition, it that’s rivalry that brings the best out in people – or the worst.”

Furthermore, the SmackDown’s women’s champion looks forward to women showing up in the main event of wrestlemania next year when she said:

“I don’t see a reason why we all couldn’t main event WrestleMania next year. That’s the next step. Once you’ve reached one goal you’re onto the next and we’ve got to keep working hard to achieve that. I never really stop to celebrate each step, because I’m always looking to what’s next, but its one thing to get to a certain level but we have to also maintain that. But you never know what will happen; it would be an amazing moment for all of us for sure.”