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Since the establishment of the WWE, the company has been known for her huge accumulation of wealth and for extravagance spending of money both the officials and the wrestlers. They have all used money to get whatsoever they want. They spend both wisely and unwisely.

It has been revealed that superstars have been engaging in extravagance spending of money. They have been spending money fearlessly. Aside of all the wrestlers, there are some listed once who are known for much spending of money than others. And these ones spend to the core because they have it in excess unlike some other wrestlers.

Obviously, the way things are run in the WWE is that big stars get big paychecks. John cena is one of the big stars who receive big paychecks. And it has been observed that all his money goes into cars purchasing.

It has been reported that Cena has got lots of cars from various prominent manufacturers in America such as; Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet.

Finally, John Cena is well known for as a lover of cars and most especially old modern cars just like some other WWE stars like Eddie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio. Do not be surprised, John may just cruise into the arena with a Dodge someday, who knows?