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Mick Foley has been the GM for the WWE Monday night RAW since the brand split. It is revealed that Foley and RAW commissioner, Stephanie McMahon has been in co operations in handling the brand.

The WWE Monday night RAW cannot be compared to the rival brand which is the SmackDown Live generally managed by Daniel Bryan and commissioned by Shane McMahon. Fans has in one way or the other lay comparisons between these brands and has figured out that SmackDiwn has more benefits for her talents that the WWE Monday night RAW.

Mick Foley’s secret chat was made public some days ago when the fan he was chatting with screenshot his dialogue with RAW general Manager. Mick was so disappointed that he had to quit twitting for some days or possibly weeks.

This was what he said when the post has gone public: “Unfortunately, due to a fan posting DM’s that were obviously meant to stay private, I will no longer be able to communicate with fans by DM. This seems like I good time to take a break from Twitter. Catch up with you again on 10/24.”

Well, what led to this was that the fan asked Foley on why he is not giving other women in the RAW roster a push and stop repeating the championship match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks? Mick Foley explained that adding too many of the women superstars into tag matches will not help push anyone. He added by saying that he did not want to repeat the mistakes of last year when the ‘Divas Revolution’ benefited no one.

More so, Foley said that two women had been involved in main event of Monday Night RAW last week and were set for a historic match at Hell in a Cell. Foley reiterated that this match would be more impressive than anything that was being done on SmackDown Live. The chat was so confidential but unfortunately, the chat was exposed. So, Mick had to quit showing up on social media lately.

The Revealed Conversation By The Fan

The Revealed Conversation By The Fan