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It has never been said in this wise since after the WrestleMania 32 and in fact, the truth about a wrestlemania is yet to be revealed.

Triple H has been away from WWE for quite a fairly long time and no man has figured out when his return would be; whether in summer or winter but all we were made to believe is the fact some day, the game will return to WWE to start up his in ring career and to fight for top titles as well.

It was reported earlier that Triple H had renewed his contract with WWE thus having an extended year, but ever since this was said, we have not seen him full time in the ring. Triple H returned to the ring on a WWE Monday night RAW at the fatal four way match involving Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Big Cass and Seth Rollins contending for the WWE Universal championship title.

His return then made waves, as he came to help Kevin Owens win the championship title. The game has never showed up in the WWE ever since this return. Well, it has often times been reported that Triple H will show up at WWE Hell in a Cell this season and who knows if this is true?

More so, in a real sense, there have not been words on when he will return but some sources are reporting that he’s going to make his return at Hell in a Cell (might be in Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins HIAC match). WWE didn’t announce any official word on the story. We’ll keep you update as soon as we got some feed on the story. Stay online with us.