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WWE is made up of two parties, which are the male superstars and the female stars who are fondly called Divas.

The fact that all of the female superstars are referred to as Divas does not make all of them of same competence or usefulness. There are divas such as Nikki Bella, Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and others and these are known to be the top divas in the WWE.

Eva Marie ha often times failed to meet up to the expectation of WWE and in a recent report, her name was in the list of superstars that WWE wants to fire. Eva Marie has been made to undergo training in several occasions but it seems that the more she trains the lesser her skills becomes.

More so, Eva Marie has once been asked to go out so she can acquire some useful skills in the ring but even at that, the diva is still incompetent. WWE is now seeing her as a burden because there is nothing good to write home about her other than she is pretty and that’s all. Well, according to some top WWE officials, what makes a diva is the ability to cheer the audience both in the ring and with the mic coupled with their beauty.

Eva Marie was once suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy, a suspension which lasted for 30 days and as a matter of fact, she was better of released because it appeared that she has got little fans who talked about her. WWE is making sure that she stays with the company and also hoping that she will improve someday.