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Roman Reigns push leading to WrestleMania did caused a lot of bliss to him and also left others in the state of melancholy. Because his title shot continued for a fairly long period of time which denied many superstars the access to several other things in the WWE.

The former WWE champion Sheamus stop reigning as the champion due to Roman Reigns’ Wrestlemania push, and he was in The League of Nations faction, which was never as promising as it should’ve been.

Basically, since losing the title to Roman Reigns on the Raw after TLC, Sheamus has been floating back and forth and creatively stifled for a while now. Sheamus as well has been quite open about the fact that he has been frustrated about his position in the card.
He spoke candidly, with more than an undertone of sarcasm, in an interview to

“I was so excited to be the sixth round draft pick after being WWE Champion seven months ago, it’s amazing, I mean, wow, to sit there and see your name come out at the very, very end of Smackdown LIVE, it was a proud moment for me, to be honest.
Shows how far I’ve gone in the last seven months as a WWE Superstar. Right [Puts his hand in the air, and plunges it down] to the top!”

Sheamus stated that what he wants right now is to be in a decent storyline. He wanted to do atleast a two pay-per-view program with Apollo Crews, but that didn’t work out as he had expected. He stated that their idea of League of Nations was to make it a strong, dominant faction such as the likes of The Shield.
However, he does remain optimistic about the brand split.

Would you like to see Sheamus pushed again?