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After the WrestleMania 32, there were call off into the WWE main rooster which featured lots of superstars into the rooster from the WWE NXT. And in all that was debuted into the rooster, lots also seems unfit and prematured for the debut into WWE main rooster.

Emma and Dana Brooke were aligned even in NXT and feuded with Asuka from September to December before Emma was called up before Wrestlemania 32 and Dana after. It was almost of unanimous opinion among fans that Emma and Dana complimented each other and had excellent chemistry as well, so it was an exciting ordeal to see both of them reunited on the main roster to feud against one of the fan favourites, Becky Lynch.

Unfortunately, bad luck struck both Emma and Dana Brooke. Emma suffered a significant back injury and had to undergo surgery, thus keeping her out of actions for an estimated 6 months or more. It was bad for Dana as well, as she is still a green wrestler, both in the ring and in terms of her character.

So, to cover up how green she was, WWE paired her with someone who they felt was far more experienced in Charlotte, who was the WWE Women’s Champion at the time.

Dana aligned herself with Charlotte at Extreme Rules, where she dressed up as Ric Flair to distract Charlotte’s opponent Natalya and cost her the match. Since then, the two have been paired together. Seemingly, reports stated that WWE officials including Vince and Triple H were very high on Dana due to her look and looked to make her the “female Roman Reigns”.

As things have turned out, the direction with Roman Reigns has taken a big 180, and it appears to be the same with Dana Brooke as well. After her match against Sasha Banks on Raw, Vince openly questioned Triple H on her work in the ring and felt that she is not ready to wrestle on live television.