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What could ever be the most shocking announcement in WWE? If i decides to put this question across, i will surely get lots of divers answers from all fans of WWE.

Over the years in WWE, there have the announcement of retirement, return and so on. But of all of the retirments, which is the greatest of them.

Report just reaching us states that the former WWE superstar Adam Rose whose real name is Aldo Rose is set to make a striking announcement but the issue at hand now is that no body know what his announcement would be.

Well, Adam Rose’s big announcement might be a WWE return news but some sources are reporting that he’s gonna go in a wrestling organization, other than WWE. It looks like he’s gonna sign TNA or ROH.

The announcement has not been made clear to any one at all, but we hope to find out soon. Stay online as we daily feed you with rich and edified WWE news and beyond.