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This is news that has kept the mouth of fans wide open as they find it very hard to believe that this favorite former superstar is still very sick.

The former WWE superstar Afa Anoa’i Jr known as Manu has been in his sick bed for quite a long period of time and because of this, rumors has gone out telling that Manu is suffering from a very chronic illness that may even claim his life. Manu appeared on social media to clear these whole rumors of him being in point of death.

The rumors started since Manu shared on social media that, he is very sick and visiting his doctors from time to time. Manu is from Pennsylvania. The post that aroused these rumors is when he said, , “Eventually I’ll stop getting sick ?#?PukedAllWeek? ?#?IbetterLoseSomeWeightAfterAllThis? ?#?SaveMe? ?#?BringMeFluids? lol.”

Anyway, Manu is out of sick bed and he is very strong. The reason why he is not seen is because he has been released by the WWE. He only wrestles on independent shows. The whole news around Manu’s death was all rumors due to his post via social media.