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Charlotte is no doubt a champion and a bold Diva when it comes to wrestling. So many talks that has been said about her relays that she took to her father’s brevity. As we all know her father the Legend Ric Flair who is said to be an immortal.

Ric Flair is a WWE hall of fame member and a well known personality in WWE. He a 16 time WWE world heavyweight champion and still, even though he has retired from pro wrestling, his name rings bell among the WWE Universe.

Ric Flair has been the manager of his daughter Charlotte which has given the former WWE women champions the chance to become an achiever in her field of wrestling. Some time ago, it was revealed that Charlotte has disowned her father and that Flair is no long Charlotte’s manager. So sad!

It is revealed that Charlotte has finally come to a good stage of her career as she has storm a milestone and broken a WWE record at Extreme Rules as she featured in her 11th consecutive WWE PPV. First uncovered by a user on Reddit, this is the longest streak of pay-per-views involving a single woman in WWE history. The fame of Charlotte counts and speaks aloud even though she no longer the Women’s champion on Monday night RAW brand.

She lost the title to Sasha Banks. But hopefully, in a next challenge, we strongly believe that Charlotte will be taking her title back. What do you think? Will Sasha Banks ever allow that to happen? Leave a comment, let us know your mind.