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The Hell in a Cell pay per view is only a little over a week away and fans are no doubt looking forward to the three spectacular Hell in a Cell matches that are set to take place on the card.

While having three Hell in a Cell matches for three separate titles is history in the making all by itself, the match for The Raw woman’s title between Sasha Banks and Charlotte stands as the biggest opportunity for history to be made out of the three.

Unfortunately for fans that are looking forward to that match, it appears that Vince McMahon is already shooting down a lot of ideas given to him for the upcoming woman’s hell in a Cell match.

According to, Vince McMahon is refusing to allow Charlotte’s latest request for a dangerous spot during the match. The spot in question, which would involve the former Woman’s champion doing a corkscrew dive off of the top of the cell, has been deemed too dangerous by Vince McMahon to even attempt and has to leave fans wondering what will be allowed when the two woman meet inside the steel structure for the first time in WWE history?

It is crystal clear that e WWE is just putting these woman inside the cell for the hell of it and have no intention of letting them make the kind of history that they are actually capable of. With that being said, and the likely conclusion that this denial by McMahon is only the start of things to come, why put these woman in a cell match in the first place then!

Although McMahon’s refusal of the request seems perfectly reasonable, it might leave a bad taste in fans mouths that these woman aren’t being afforded the same opportunities to steal the show that the men would be given during these same matches. Again, probably a dumb request and Charlotte definitely deserves a talking to from McMahon after coming up with such an asinine spot, but there is still the question of what will actually be allowed?