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The WWE women’s champion in her two Way bliss…

The story of the WWE women’s champion has been making waves in social media lately and it has all been the love story of the well known Sasha Banks and it has really been awesome most especially when it was rumored that she married to a UFC legend which turned out to be indeed false.

Report reaching lately states that has finally got married to her long time lover and boyfriend. We had thought that it will never happen this quick with the women’s champion but finally, she has been transformed and she not just a Diva champion but has become a wife to her much cherished boyfriend Sarath Ton. is reporting that, WWE Women’s Champion reportedly got married to boyfriend Sarath Ton, a WWE costume designer earlier this week. Fans of Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel UpUpDownDown will be familiar with Sarath who appears on the channel under the name ‘Mikaze’. Ton himself, is a former wrestler on the indies who appeared under the name Kid Mikaze, before leaving in ring action to work on designing ring gear for other wrestlers.

It is revealed that Sarath Ton is a costume designer and has been the WWE #1 costume designer and according to source, Ton excelled in his field and moved on to designing the costumes of several WWE Superstars including his new wife, Sasha Banks. This news follows quickly after the much publicized Ruzev-Lana wedding. The wedding of the WWE women’s champion seems as if it is a secret wedding because no official confirmation was made or any picture showing her in a wedding gown.

Anyway, if it be that the WWE women’s champion is truly married with her Sarath Ton, then what more can we say but to wish them a perfect stay together and a fruitful married life.