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Its no secret that Smackdown Live and Raw have been desperately trying to one up each other in the ratings for over three months now.

While that war between brands has been a mixed bag of sorts, especially since it has resulted in positive and negative results for both brands, there is one rumored decision that may actually rank as the worst one of the entire year.

In fact, this decision might have such a negative outcome that it will cause WWE to scramble it in the same way that they did when Daniel Bryan was originally not scheduled to compete in The WrestleMania 30 main event.

It has been reported by The Inquisitor that backstage official, Kevin Dunn, is not a fan of Becky Lynch and wants her television time reduced. The reason given for his dislike of her is said to be due to her accent, which Dunn seems to find annoying.

With that being said and the fact that Becky Lynch’s title defense against Alexa Bliss is only two weeks away, it is most likely that we will see Lynch’s Woman’s title reign come to an end against Alexa Bliss in Glasgow Scotland. There are many reasons for making this move, but the biggest one would be fans reaction after watching Becky Lynch lose the title to Alexa Bliss.

This could also lead to Becky Lynch taking time off to rest her recent injury and possibly even get moved back down to NXT, where she would be a huge benefit to the younger starts down In WWE’s developmental. What do you think? What will WWE do with Becky Lynch in two weeks in Glasgow Scotland ? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to let us know if Becky Lynch should lose the title on Smackdown live or wait until the upcoming pay per view.