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Since after the WWE brand split, the notions has been the return of WWE superstars to the company coming to be part of the extension. But even at this, there are also several reports of WWE Superstar leaving the Company due to one reason or the other.

It was reported before the brand split that the WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio may be released before SummerSlam and this has been because he is not playing a vital role in the WWE ever since his return to the company. According to report, Vince McMahon and Triple H strongly disagrees over how to effectively book Del Rio, who has been toiling in the mid card since beating John Cena for the United States Championship last year at Hell in a Cell and subsequently losing the belt to Kalisto.

It is revealed that Alberto Del Rio might be leaving the WWE by October and as stated, Alberto Del Rio has been so depressed about his booking in the WWE since his return to the company last year and coupled with the fact that his relationship with the WWE Diva Paige did not balanced due to the brand split, so, it is clear that Del Rio will leave sooner than expected.

According to report, Vince McMahon wanted to push in several occasions but the vice chairman. Triple H refused and Vince went along with what The Game had to say. The rumor is that Triple H does not like Del Rio, and feels he is tough to do business with.

More so, Daily Wrestling News is reporting that, with a new update on Alberto Del Rio, it appears that Alberto will leave the company when his contract comes up. Triple H has always desired to push other and new superstars on the main rooster.