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Some weeks ago, we saw the return of the former WWE World heavyweight champion Roman Reigns who was suspended by the WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Some days back, we reported about the suspension of Alberto Del Rio who was suspended for violation the company’s wellness policy and on the day of his suspension, the WWE also announced the suspension of Alberto Del Rio’s girlfriend, Paige for the same reason of violating the wellness policy. It is revealed that these are all first time violators and are supposed to be away from the ring for 30 days being the penalty for superstars who violates the policy for the first time.

After the suspension of both Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend Paige, the next day, the WWE also announced that another WWE Diva has been released by the company and an official statement was issued to her. It was announced that Eva Marie was suspended for 30 days for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Well, it is clear that Roman Reigns was suspended some months before WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV It has also been revealed now that Eva Marie was suspended for consuming the same substance which Reigns did, and the substance in question is rumoured to be “Adderall”. With this ongoing, we call say that there are more suspensions in line for other superstars and these may be main event superstars. According to James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling, WWE suspending even more wrestlers is possible.

More so, now, the big question is, what if one of these about to be suspended people is a main-event player? Lots of questions that need to be answered right now, but the chances of that happening right now are slim until after SummerSlam. WWE will have to make big changes in their programming if such an event does take place.