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As we reported earlier, the much awaited match has come to pass between Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt. This match has been teased since the elapsing of SummerSlam and finally, the deed has eventually been done.

It was reported that at the recent WWE Live Event at the JQH Arena in Springfield, Missouri, the SmackDown roster were in action and in the live event, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton faced each other and it was a match that met up with the expectations of fans. The mouth of Bray Wyatt was shut and he was totally put to shame by the one who he teases.

Randy Orton had the control over Bray Wyatt before finally winning him via pinfall. At the scene when Orton faces Bray Wyatt, The Viper got the better of The Eater of Worlds. Randy Orton, who received the biggest pop of the night, reversed Wyatt’s attempt to hit Sister Abigail and nailed an RKO Outta Nowhere. This was a marvelous win indeed! What do you think?

After the match between these superstars, it was revealed that Bray Wyatt walked out of the ring shy and disturbed while Randy Orton made mockery of him silently with his fans. Wyatt found it difficult to speak with any talent in the backstage.

Well, this may not be the end of their feud at all, so, we should be expecting lots and lots more from these superstars because it seems that with what happened; Bray Wyatt would want to fight back using every little strength he has got and even with his last breath.