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The WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs event has for long been announced and eventually, it has come to pass just as it was expected to go.

The SmackDown tag team title was actually won by Randy Orton and Bray wyatt who are now the new Wyatt family ever since the first team seperated during the WWE brand extension. It is revealed that the gold won was actually the first gold that Bray Wyatt has ever won in the WWE.

More so, the gold is also the first time in ten years that Randy Orton has won a tag team title. Report has it that he last won it with WWE Hall Of Famer Edge when they were known as “Rated RKO”.

According to source, The finish of the match saw Rhyno, dazed, coming back inside the ring, and when Bray was doing the “spider crawl”, Orton slithered in and hit the famous “RKO Outta Nowhere” on The Man Beast to pin him. Slater & Rhyno’s reign ended at 84 days. It is not surprising that WWE decided to take the titles off them, as Heath Slater’s popularity was paid off at Backlash when he & Rhyno defeated The Usos to become the inaugural Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Bray Wyatt has been one of the most protected characters on Smackdown Live in the last few months, even standing tall for the blue team on Survivor Series. His momentum has helped him get over, and his storyline where he paired with Randy Orton has been quite a refreshing one. It also has helped elevate Randy Orton making one of his comebacks one of the most successful ones in recent years.