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No doubt, Roman Reigns has grown to become an icon in the WWE as he is currently the United States champion in the company winning from Rusev and defending it in victory several times against the same Rusev.

According to, Roman Reigns has just been fired by the WWE. The question in mind would be what the issue would be between Reigns and the WWE?

Well, this report has not been confirmed even though it is really making waves in the social media. Roman Reigns has fell into troubles most times with Vince McMahon and even with Triple H but this is no reason why the former world heavyweight champion should be suspended.

Anyway, our news team are still carrying out some findings to know whether this rumor is true or false. But all the same, we will get back to you as soon as posible to give you the update of what’s up with Roman Reigns WWE career. Stay online!