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While we thought that injury has stopped happening in WWE live events we had never know that it is just for some serious injuries to happen. In the WWE Universe, we have learnt seriously that there are fans favorite and there are others whom fans so much despise no matter how hard they try to please or cheer fans with their in-ring features.

It is revealed by multiple sources that the WWE Diva is currently one of the most hated wrestlers in the WWE right now. The crowd despises her because of her lack of in-ring ability in the era of the rebirth of women’s wrestling. This simply means that her feature in the ring most times bored the audience and this is what the WWE officials really hates because the motive of the business is to make fans happy and get their money. The business is an entertainment business.

Last night on SmackDown Live, Eva Marie was booked to face Becky Lynch but unfortunately, the match did not hold due to fact that Eva Marie sustained an injury during her entrance after hopping off the middle rope and the match was called off after this injury. With the look of it, it seems that Eva did injured her right which was the reason why the referee was foist to call of the match and now report is stating that it looks like Eva Marie’s injury wasn’t legit and it was only the part of a storyline.

As far as hatred in the WWE goes, Eva Marie is one of the WWE stars who seemed to be highly detested by the audience because of her poor in-ring styles or techniques. Eva was sent back to the WWE NXT last year so she can at least add some improvement to her in-ring skills.