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Seems like what we thought was gone from WWE is finally back in full force!

It seems that the last night SmackDown did left with itself great and terrible injuries. First was that of the WWE Diva Eva Marie and now the WWE’s resident luchador Kalisto reportedly injured at the match also.

Kalisto was reported to be injured following his match at the WWE SmackDown Live against Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews for the #1 contendership for the Intercontinental championship title match. Is was reported that Kalisto was helped to the back by trainers following his match but it might not be clear at this time on the severity of said injury. May be it was because of Kalisto’s injury that made Apollo Crews to make the win at the match.

According to, Kalisto hasn’t had a good couple of weeks after being split from his fellow Lucha Dragons tag-team partner Sin Cara and being drafted to WWE SmackDown despite the Cruiserweight Division being on Raw. His post-draft promo was also a complete disaster. Kalisto has made the people feel exactly what he his and not what they feel he is in the WWE.

It is revealed that Kalisto was been looked upon as the successor to the WWE superstar Rey Mysterio but his bookings over the last few months has really degraded him. His run with the US championship title which John Cena has spent a long time re-energizing was so alarming and report states that his run with the US title last year was also a complete disaster and devalued.

Well, there is a silver lining in every cloud that is to say that there is still hope for the former US champion Kalisto in the WWE SmackDown and this hope would be to make the best and most exciting superstar on the blue brand which is the SmackDown draft. It is revealed that the WWE will be helped to make with the positive things of Kalisto and do away with his flaws.