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It is so painful to announce the occurrence of another injury in the WWE Company after so many persons has been sidelined due to same injury. What now is the cause of these enormous and serious injuries in the WWE Company?

As at May last year, the WWE’s Japanese sensation Hideo Itami was sidelined due to injury which kept him away from the ring for some months and now it is reported that he has been sidelined again due to same injury not even fully recovered from the previous one yet. It is revealed that the injury which took him off the ring as at May last year, was a shoulder complication and reports states that the WWE did announced in January early this year that he is not close to his return as the injury is still on.

Surprisingly, we saw Hideo Itami make his return to the ring for a six man tag team match at a NXT live event on June 30th, but it now seems that his comeback was a bit premature. This is indeed the most painful story of this wrestler for being sidelined due to injury for the second time. Come to think of it, he has not even fully recovered from the first injury which kept away from the ring for lots of months.

More so, this is indeed a big disappointment to Hideo Itami fans who have one time rejoiced that they have seen their man return to the ring to come make them enjoy the game of wrestling but to their greatest surprise, only to see Hideo Itami say goodbye again to his confident fans who will always wait for him to watch him.

Furthermore, this could be that Hideo Itami will be placed in medication again; and who knows when he will return this time? Well, we just hope he didn’t stay long with the injury; we pray he recovers soon and just return to the ring to start up his real business.