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WWE Champion John Cena has been said to be thinking of taking another life, another career apart from what he has always loved to do, wrestling.

Injuries brought him down, making him fall short of a full WrestleMania 32 appearance. Age is already calling on him, telling him to run and finish all he needed to do before the curtain is drawn.

Cena’s career in World Wrestling Entertainment has been full of ups and down as expected and now it seems he is just inches away from towing the part WWE Champion, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took.

The Rock jumped ship and joined Hollywood a pretty while ago, which made so many fans to begrudged him. Some have forgiven him when he started appearing occasional to do a thing or two for the WWE, but others have refused to.

According to report, NBC Universal who is the parent company of NBC and the USA Network is working on helping John Cena make the most of his career. They are bent on setting up Cena for life outside of wrestling.

They have come up with plans; they want to introduce Cena to a demographic that is not familiar with WWE. The implication is that, Pro wrestling fans would not be able to watch their favorite heroes and villians in the ring anymore but on the big screen.

That would be a wonderful thing for the career of Cena especially because he has a lot of things selling for him. He has the good looks, he has a superhero physique as well as the fame and the magic that turns audiences on, and of course he has the support of children and the female audience.

So we see him making success once he eventually gets the promo.