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The WWE has recently announced that an urgent spring cleaning will be conducted before the big event of SummerSlam comes up here in August. And as the case may be, some superstars whose contract will expire before then may not be given the chances to renew their contract with the company which simply means a goodbye to the superstar from the company.

The case of the former WWE intercontinental champion, Ryback has been announced long before now and he was still in the company waiting for his contract to expire before finally giving way out of the company to his desired destination of career which he may choose for himself. Not quite long, we reported about the contract dispute between Ryback and the company which has made him to suffer lots of things in the company including his release.

What really happened was that Ryback requested for a huge pay from the company which was denied him and he went on to render abuses on the WWE which he was sanctioned for and was released. Now, it seems that his contract has finally expired and he will be leaving the company with immediate effect.

Ryan Reeves (Ryback) goes on to thank the wrestlers he competed with in the ring. He also took time to plug his upcoming book, “Feed Me More” clothing line and his line of nutritional supplements, all of which he’s been promoting on Twitter lately. He also said he’d be working a full wrestling schedule and gave out booking information.

Ryback had a storyline with the WWE and the most remarkable was when he won the Intercontinental Championship after Daniel Bryan vacated it in 2015, but that was his only championship in a six-year career on the WWE’s main roster. He became increasingly frustrated in recent months and has been off television since he asked to be sent home from a Raw episode earlier this year. At that time, he said his frustration stemmed from booking, including his feud with Kalisto for the United States title.