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When Chyna died, there were suspicions that she died as a result of the influence of hard drug. But reports given by her manager Anthony Anzaldo was that all she found in her room was some bottles of prescription drugs. Which mean she have died by anything else.

Anthony Anzaldo discovered her corpse when him and some crew entered into her room. And on the process of making the documentary, the director of the documentary Angra shouted Anzaldo and told him that he strongly accept that Chyna was always on drugs of over medicating herself and taking cocktails of pills that are harmful.

The manager then stated that the drugs are for control of various ailments and not for suicide. There was an intervention program which he arranged to give Chyna a leg up. Angra also recalled that Chyna was a heavy drunk before her death,so, discussing with Daily Mail Online Angra said,

“She was having a tough time the past couple of weeks and we all knew that and she was using more of her prescriptions than she should have been or mixing them up – I can’t say for sure exactly what she was doing”.

He went further to say, “It was a combination of things from her past and current troubles. I know she had been drinking and I think she was upset with things that were going on.” Anyway, may Chyna’s Soul Rest In Peace.