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Among the entire WWE superstar, there are some who act alike. It has been observed that apart from wrestling, John Cena, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens have something in common. But what could this be?

The above mentioned wrestlres loves using twitter in deceiving people and now, Jack Swagger joined them. Jack was the former WWE United States Champion. Is recent tweet to the WWE was a furious one. See his tweet below. The tweets revealed that Jack is retiring but this is not the first time Jack is posting things like this.

Before now, it was reported that the WWE will be losing two superstars these stars are Wade Barrett and Jack Swagger after the tweet has been read and got the WWE angry Jack’s wife took to twitter and made some corrections regarding her husband’s tweets.

Catalina, Jack’s wife said that what the husband meant by the last day was actually referring to the last day of the European tour which was held after WrestleMania 32. She became so sad that she may even do anything as far as deleting the tweets.

Even though Jack was the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion the company still removed his name from their main roster. It is so sad! This is what deception has caused for Jack.