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John Cena and Nikki Bella relationship is one of the WWE relationships which gained existence after divorce. Cena divorce his wife in 2012 and fell deeply in love with Nikki Bella who happenes to be a former WWE women’s champion.

Since 2012, we were made to understand that Nikki Bella has been dating John Cena and it has even come to our notice that before John Cena allowed her into his house, she signed a 75 pages document. Report states that Cena had to make her sign because of his divorce which caused him a whole lot.

Since the relationship of John Cena and Nikki Bella kicked off, there have been whispers that her relationship has given her a helping hand in her WWE career. A two-time WWE Divas Champion, her second reign of 301 days is recognized as the longest in the belt’s history, beating AJ Lee’s previous 295-day record. While some fans have speculated about Nikki’s connections apparently helping her career, it wasn’t until she faced off with Carmella on SmackDown Live last week that such accusations were made in a WWE ring.

Lots of other superstars have been accusing Nikki of being a goal digger. Some said that the reason why she is still standing tall in the Company is because she is in a relationship with John Cena. In a recent interview, Nikki Bella was asked to tell what she feels about the things said about her and she said:

“To me it’s disheartening when you have someone take away everything you done as a woman because of a man.
“I am with a very successful man and the crazy thing is people think that it makes my career easier.

“No, it makes my career so much harder; because no matter how hard I work I’m always going to have people take away everything I do because of John.

“I won’t get certain things because people will be like, ‘Oh, people are gonna think she has this because of John’ so let’s just not give it to me.”

She continued: “I have to work so much harder being with a successful man to just prove myself.

“I could be at some event wanting to do business with people and they automatically go to John and not me because I’m with someone like that.

“It makes me laugh because people think it’s easy and I get everything because of him when it’s the exact opposite.”