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The cohabiting couple, John Cena and Nikki Bella has overwhelmed the hearts of fans with their flowing of love all around the WWE Universe.

It is revealed that there are nearly a million photos of John Cean and Nikki Bella in social media and each of these photos depicting the love life of the former champions in different postures and locations. This is seriously romantic.

Recently at the Total Divas network show, Nikki Bella felt so sorry for her boyfriend John Cean over the broken nose injury which he sustained from a match against Seth Rollins.

First on the episode, John Cena broke his nose after being kneed in the face, leaving Nikki Bella “terrified.” Then after watching her boyfriend go through that traumatic experience, Nikki gets into a huge argument with her sister Brie Bella.

It gets so heated between the sisters that Nikki tells Brie, “I hate you!”

Nikki has great feeling for John Cena and seems to love him with all her life. As the case may be, we also see John Cena portraying the same gesture toward Nikki Bella which had made these former champions to be in good terms of ever sweet loving.