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Ever since the WWE Diva Paige joined the WWE, she has received a push that has announced her in several occasions and has made her the focal points of the company in several areas. Paige has been the WWE Women’s champion when she defeated the former champion then, AJ Lee.

It is revealed that in 2014, Paige was so honored as it was indeed the best year for the Diva staying in the like of AJ Lee and Nikki Bella and also, 2015 was quite a good year for her, as she had her first ever Wrestlemania match, teaming with AJ Lee in a successful effort against The Bella Twins. The Diva has not loosed her stand either but due to some sorts of injury, she has been hindered by injury from the ring. The injury is just so severe that many thought she was released by the WWE was turned out to be a rumor.

Paige hadn’t been seen for a while, which was reportedly due to a concussion that she suffered during a house show. She returned to television on January 18th, as a baby face, siding with Natalya. Even after that, Paige was fluttering back and forth and had a match on the Wrestlemania pre-show. Paige has made appearances after Wrestlemania as well, however not involved in any active storylines. She hasn’t been seen now for a while on television.

This is because she is currently dealing with back and shoulder injuries. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that her neck issue is similar to what a lot of wrestlers (nerve damage similar to Daniel Bryan) have had, with serious problems leading to weakness in the right arm, which for some is the first stage of having major issues. Paige may be forced to give up her career due to this severe injury.