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Sometime in April, the 16th to be precise, we learnt that WWE suspended some superstars for violating the wellness policy which the company has laid down to guide the body of superstars in the company.

The persons of Adam Rose and Konnor were reportedly suspended on the 16th may of this year. Regarding to this suspension, Adam Rose took to Twitter to claim that the drugs for which the company suspended him was not illegal but doctors prescribed drugs for him.

Report reaching us now states that Adam Rose whose real name is Raymond Leppan was arrested by the Hillsborough police in Florida on Wednesday. According to, the 36-year-old South African was charged with battery domestic violence and tampering with a witness.

Though, reports has not been released as to if he is still in prison or out of prison. But just stay online, as we promise to update you with the latest as soon as the information regarding his arrest is out.