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It is just too sad to announce to you another death that has to do with a top WWE official. The whole of the WWE Universe has been in pain ever since.

Some days ago, it was observed that Rusev and Lana were not in attendance and many of the fans supposed that Rusev had sustained a very severe injury. We came to realize the truth of their departure when the news broke out that Rusev had some personal issues.

Rusev and Lana were revealed to be that Rusev had lost his grandmother. Rusev’s grandmother has passed away and he had taken leave to deal with the passing of his grandmother. The report was confirmed by Rusev’s wife Lana when she posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “A beautiful soul passes this world onto the next.”

This was indeed a painful exit even though she was old before death came. Rusev seems to love his grandmother with all his might. In short before Lana, Rusev’s grandmother h ad been his beloved. It was only a few weeks ago, during the feud with Roman Reigns that Rusev introduced the WWE Universe to his illustrious family members. He introduced his grandmother as the gem of the Rusev family and addressed her as ‘Babushka’.

Well, our condolence goes out to Rusev and Lana and the entire family of Rusev. We pray that her soul rest in peace. We may be seeing Rusev back in the next episode of RAW or even at the forth coming Survivor Series event.