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It is revealed that Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg is the only huge match happening at the WWE Survivor Series. Fans are really looking forward to seining these big superstars back in the ring after 12 of vacations.

This last episode of the WWE Monday night RAW answered to its name as the last episode before Survivor Series. The whole expectations of fans actually came to pass tonight.

Survivor Series is just by the way side and the whole promotions for the matches in the event have all been made. We are all prepared to get watch at the much awaited event next week Sunday. One of the biggest matches in the card is that Brock Lesnar VS Bill Goldberg.

Bill returned to WWE after twelve years just some weeks ago and had a talk on his scheduled feud with the beast incarnate himself. Twelve years ago, Bill had a match with the beast which he won and it is revealed that that was his last match before leaving the Company.

Brock Lesnar is not longer preparing for the match because from the look of things, it is seen that Lesnar is fully prepared to take on Bill Goldberg not minding his last experience with Bill Goldberg twelve years ago. With the look of what happened on RAW, we can say that Goldberg is counting on his Spear for victory and that is if he would ever have the chance to Spear Lesnar.

It is revealed that Goldberg still lives in his past glory against Lesnar and until this year’s Survivor Series is over, he will continue to do so. What do you think? Do you think that Bill will defeat Lesnar again or Brock Lesnar would just have to send him to Suplex city and ensure he stays there? Well, let’s just patiently wait for the time to come. We shall see it all happen next Sunday.