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Before now, there has been report that the WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit against a well known porn film industry Gawker. This was because the industry carried a sex tape of Hulk Hogan and his friend’s wife Heather Clem. The case finally profited Hulk the sum of $140 Million in damages.

Yet still, Hulk is not satisfied. He files another lawsuit against the same company. According to report, The New York Post confirms the filing of a new lawsuit against Gawker and the new accusation is that his WWE career will end because of Gawker’s action, so, Gawker has to pay him huge sum of money for that.

In the real sense, Hulk believes that his earnings and his reputation have been brought low. His image has been tarnished by the leak of this sex tape. Hulk is not taking it likely with any one involve in the leak of this tape, so, requested to take action against some residents of Florida, which includes DJ Mike “Cowhead” Calta, for sending at least one of the secretly recorded tapes to Gawker.

Conclusively, Hulk has became so angry, so, he had to act as fast as he can to ensure quick execution of this new lawsuit against Gawker, he has already filled the lawsuit in Florida. Anyway, let’s watch and see the outcome of this.