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The WWE has released a lot of superstars over this year including fans favorite superstars like Wade Barrett. Rhode was not just released by the company but he requested for it and he received it.

Actually, reports stated that Cody has been requesting his release even before WrestleMania. This was because Vince McMahon wanted him to stay back as he was among the very few experienced veterans present in the lower mid-card position on the roster right now.

The main reason why Cody Rhodes pleaded for his release was because, he said that he has pleaded with the WWE Creative for them to give him a better role in the company but they refused. Below is what he stated on Twitter:

“In the past six months, I had pleaded with WWE Creative and both of my bosses to let me roll the dice and once again be Cody Rhodes. I had pitched to every writer on staff like a door-to-door salesman on “how” & “why” & “when”…and believe me, there are many of those who sought to help me (Brian James, Nick, Faz, J Russo, Dave K, JBL & Cole for letting me go wild on their YouTube show and a few others I’m sure), but for all that both “head writers” of RAW & Smackdown (one pretending to be Brian Gewirtz and the other too busy hitting on developmental divas) continued to not return my pitches or emails, and in face-to-face encounters tried to big league me by pretending to be on their clearly powered off laptops…barely willing to listen to an idea I considered beneficial to more than one talent.

What’s that expression? Don’t take no for an answer….what do you do when you don’t get an answer at all? So there I was….having done everything I could possibly do for ten years to make the most out of both large opportunities and even the half-cocked ones like “paint up like your brother”. Chicken sh*t into chicken salad became my speciality; and with those worthy opportunities afforded me…I can only hope I fully executed”.

This is really serious. See tweets below: