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Chris Van Vliet who is a SVN-TV entertainment reporter was privilege to meet with the WWE Suspended superstar Titus O’ Neil at the during the world premiere of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and at the course of this meeting, Chris Van Vliet was opportune to ask Titus the below questions:

What is your reaction to what happened during the retirement segment of Bryan?

“It’s done and over with, that was my mistake. I made a mistake… I’m back in the ring getting excited about moving forward with both my in-ring and outside the ring career and we’ll see what happens.” Titus answered!

Again, Chris Van Vliet asked, do you think that the incident with Vince McMahon will affect his career? And again, TiTus answered:

“No I don’t think so at all. I think that my punishment was served. I handled it with class and I’ll continue to do that and as I’ve said time and time again I’m a very blessed individual, I have a million things that I can do and I look forward to trying to do those things in WWE but if it doesn’t happen I’ll be fine.”

It appeared that Titus has come a long way with the company as he joined the company from NXT and that was in 2009 and he gained his main rooster debut into the main rooster of the WWE in 2012.