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There is a popular saying that goes thus, “you do not beat up a child and expect the child to keep quiet or not to cry. We have recently reported how eight superstars were released or fired from the WWE Company.

Among the eight are, Zeb Colter, Damien Sandow, Alex Riley, Wade Barrett and Hornswoggle and others as well. These wrestlers reacted to their release on Twitter revealing how they really felt by the release. It was indeed painful we know but in pretence, it is not as painful as we can imagine.

The most shocking release to fans was the release of Santino Marella. He also did not kept quiet he reacted to his release on Twitter. In his tweet he explained how far he has gone with the company and also revealed that August would have made him ten year old in the company.

So, as recorded in social media Twiter we show you below their various tweets and their representations: